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Welcome to Health & Wellness Direct Access! Health & Wellness Direct Access gives you an easy way to begin or continue your Personal Health Improvement Plan if is not available. All the Health & Wellness features are availalbe, and all of your saved information will be available for review and updates.

From here, returning Direct Access users can log in, or new Direct Access users can register using their Medical ID card information. Since you are using your Medical ID card to register, Direct Access automatically connects you with your Health & Wellness information, so any updates or changes you make via Direct Access will also be available when using

If you have any questions about using Direct Access, please call Health & Wellness Customer Service using the number below.


Returning Direct Access User

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New Direct Access User

Health & Wellness Direct Access registration is easy! Use your Medical ID card to complete your registration below.
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  Health & Wellness Technical Support: 866-868-5484
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